Lose Weight Faster? Should I Do Weights Or Cardio?

To execute the kettlebell man makers you will need the availability of a pair of bells of moderate intensity and a protective floor mat (unless you don’t care) to place on the floor in your living room. From here simply place the bells between your legs with your stance obviously wider than the bells.

Next, properly clean and rack the kettlebells up to your chest. From here you are simply going to return the bells back to the floor between your feet with them slightly out in front of your body. When you place them on the ground you are going to keep your hands on the bells and simply kick your feet back behind you extending your body into an upright push up position like you would when you perform a squat thrust.

As soon as your legs are extended then simply kick them back up underneath your body to stand up and clean the bells all over again. You will quickly see why this is one intense cardio routine after only a few reps.

2. Alternating Kettlebell Snatches: If you are looking for a real heart pumping cardio drill that will cause you to break a sweat really fast then you just found it with this drill. In order to pull this particular kettlebell lift off you will first want to make sure that you are familiar with the single arm overhead kettlebell snatch lift.

Assuming you are then for this drill you will want a pair of kettlebells of moderate intensity…….