Lose Weight Faster? Should I Do Weights Or Cardio?

For this particular snatch lift there are a couple of variations, but I am only going to explain one. Begin this kettlebell cardio training drill by holding a bell in each hand. From here make sure that your stance is slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Next, forcefully flex and extend at your hips and knees to start the momentum of the lift.

Allow the bells to partially swing and then commit to perform a normal snatch with one of the bells while leaving the other one hanging at your groin. Upon locking out the first snatched bell smoothly roll it off and allow it to descend between your legs like you would in a traditional swing lift.

As that bell descends between your legs allow the resting bell to swing back between your legs with it and as the momentum brings both bells out from between your legs then snatch the opposite bell. Continue this movement pattern throughout the duration of the lift………