Lose Weight Faster? Should I Do Weights Or Cardio?


Many people don’t realize it, but skiing is actually a terrific workout. If you are bored with your usual cardio workouts and live in an area where you can ski, try it out. Take your family with you so everybody can get a great workout!

3-Running on the Beach

This only works for someone who lives near the beach. The next time you go out for your run, head down to the water and run right along the water. If you want you can even take your shoes off and let the water run up over your feet. To make this even more fun, try running right at sunrise. This is a fun cardio workout that you will definitely enjoy.


The combination of kicks, punches, ducks, turns, spins, and jumps you do during kickboxing gives your body an awesome workout.

With kickboxing, you don’t even feel like you are working out until you are drenched head to toe in sweat. Kickboxing also has an added benefit of relieving stress. You can reduce stress and enjoy working out with kickboxing. I highly recommend it…….