Lose Weight Faster? Should I Do Weights Or Cardio?

will burn a higher proportion of fat. Many studies demonstrate that cardio workouts in the morning burn more fat. Some evidence also suggests that fat loss may be increased after weight training. Women may be more prone to burning fat during exercise than men.

The Body’s Energy Use

It’s important to understand how the body uses energy. There are two main sources of energy the body turns to for fuel: glucose and fat. Glucose is a carbohydrate stored in the liver and muscles as glycogen; this is the body’s preferred form of energy because it’s easily-accessible. The other form of fuel, fat, is less easily-accessible. It’s the body’s reserve storage system. The body always burns a mixture of glycogen and fat, but its primary fuel is glycogen.

Morning Cardio

The word “breakfast” literally means to break a fast. Generally, sleep is the longest period during which people go without food. Since bodily functions must be continuously fueled, glycogen stores slowly deplete during sleep. Upon waking, blood glucose and insulin are at their lowest levels. A pre-breakfast cardio workout causes the body to turn to its fat stores as a source of energy; basically, without food in the system and with lower levels of stored carbohydrates, the body burns fat to fuel itself…….