Lose Weight Faster? Should I Do Weights Or Cardio?

Critics of these critics note that simply considering total calories consumed and burned is overly simplistic. Meal frequency and the ratio of proteins to carbs to fats have an effect on fat loss and muscle gain. Not all calories are created equal.

Post-Lifting Cardio

While it’s less conclusive, some research suggests that cardio workouts after weight training may also burn a higher proportion of fat than at other times. The issue again is glycogen. Weight training is anaerobic, so the body primarily uses glycogen as its fuel. After weight training, glycogen levels are lowered and the body turns to fat to fuel a cardio workout. The science here is far from settled and there is also variation among individuals, so people should always consider what works best for them. Regardless,

they should continue lifting heavy weights, no matter when they do cardio for fat loss. Lean muscle mass burns calories all the time………

Gender Differences