Lose Weight Faster? Should I Do Weights Or Cardio?

4. Rowing – I love this workout because it’s intense and works the upper body. I find that rowing is the perfect ending to a strength workout as it gives the arms and back an additional push of intensity that makes me feel like I’ve put in some real work.

5. Stair climbing – This final cardio routine to lose fat may not seem like a cardio workout at all, but I guarantee that it is. If you think about climbing stairs as a sport and not an obligation, you will find that it is one of the best workouts you can do. It is a high intensity workout that requires real effort and burns a lot of calories quickly. Do these workouts and you will see results.

Learn 5 Simple Food Tips Guaranteed to Reduce Tummy Fat

There are simple ways to reduce tummy fat and you don’t need to dwell in expensive pill or fad machines. You simply need the right food!

1. Avoid diet sodas. A lot of diet sodas nowadays contain a phrase which says “sugar free”. It turns out that you’re actually wrong. Yes, it may look as if they don’t contain conventional sugar, but they are adding another kind of sugar in it…….